Twist Ending

A Dancing Rosebud

Last Words

This video was done pretty much like the last video for the clothes donation cause. I finished two projects in one shot and well it worked out for me. The only problem was the change of deadline for the donation and some audio problems.

The Walking Laundry

This Video was a lot of fun to create although it did take a little time to shoot the footage. There some difficulties with the days of shooting but we finally finished and in time to air on the Pioneer Press.

Leave it. Don’t be a thief.

This was one of the hardest ideas we had to come up with. We had other plans for this video but we decided it was going to be a little difficult because we would have needed a variety of different close to show the change in the day.

Cheating Will Only Get You Nowhere

This Video was a little difficult because we tried to make it seem like it was in the characters mind. This was to show that cheating will not get you as you could get bodying your on work.


This video was allot of fun. First I’d like to thank Ms. Quintana’s class for helping me out with some of the recordings and thanks to Steven for taking time off to help me with a lot of the recordings. I worked more on the Audio more than anything in this video to keep it leveled to keep the high peeks of the volume from hitting and to allow the lower levels of volume to be heard.